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Learn how to cook

Get step-by-step guidance from an expert chef in a live virtual cooking class hosted on Zoom. 

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Looking for virtual private and group cooking classes so you can experience the joys of cooking from the comfort of your own home?

You’ve come to the right place because when you book a Zoom cooking class with Fēst Cooking (same as “Feast”), you can choose from a variety of plans to fit you or your group’s needs. Our expert chefs are masters of a wide variety of cuisines and can cater to cooks of any experience level.

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How It Works

Enjoy guided cooking, baking, wine tasting, and mixology classes online. Cook with us on any digital device.

Find a Class

Choose from our seasonally inspired collection of cooking, grilling, baking, wine tasting and mixology classes. All of our classes are private and live.

Book a Class

Book a date and time that works for you. The times in the booking calendar are listed in your local time zone.

Take a Class with Friends in Other Locations

Take a class with friends in up to 9 kitchens - at checkout, select the number of kitchens your group will be and share the menu and Zoom link!

Looking for a class for 10 or more guests? Explore our experiences here.

Shop for Your ingredients

After you have booked your class, you will receive a booking confirmation email with a link to download your class menu and shopping list.

Learn From a Pro

You will receive a Zoom link in your booking confirmation email.

Our expert chefs at Fēst Cooking are passionate about sharing their love of food with you, and we guarantee you’ll learn something new in every Zoom cooking class so you can grow your skill and become more comfortable in the kitchen. To make things easy for you, we will prepare a shopping list after you’ve booked your private or group virtual cooking class, so you know exactly what to get, and you’re prepared when it comes time. You’ll also receive a Zoom link in the email, so be sure to keep it in your inbox.


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Together Online

Everything is better when shared, especially a great meal.

Connect with your friends and family in other locations to learn new recipes together.

Recommended Zoom Cooking Classes for Beginners

Discover delicious new recipes with the help of an expert Chef.

Jam Cookies

We're a woman-owned business founded in 2019.

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