Shop for Your Ingredients

Your menu for class is your shopping list - download your menu from our Menu Share.

Did you book a
group class for friends in multiple locations?

If you booked a class for multiple devices (or different locations) to connect, share your downloaded menu + Zoom link with your group so everyone can get ready for class.

Not sure if you booked a group class for friends in multiple locations?

In your booking confirmation email, if your 'service title' starts with a 'Group of..", you've booked a group class!

If you didn't book a group class  but want to upgrade to one, send us a note and we'll upgrade your class.

Did you book a wine tasting or mixology class?

Send us a list or photo of what wines or spirits you'll have on hand for class! Send us a note before your class.

Need to reschedule
your class?

Our reschedule + cancellation policy can be found in your booking confirmation email. If you'd like to reschedule your class, send us a note.

Join Your Instructor On Zoom

Your Zoom link can be found in your booking confirmation email. Looks like this:

Video Conference: Open Session Link