Demonstration Cook Along Classes

For groups of 10-125.
90 minutes, Video Application: Zoom, Booking 14 days in advance

Two chefs are connected with participants for a live, virtual demonstration style cooking class. One Chef will do a cooking demonstration, allowing participants to follow along. Chef will guide you through all of the steps with verbal and visual cues. The second Chef will answer questions submitted by you in the chat function of the video call. All participants are encouraged to follow along from their home kitchen and can submit an questions to the Chefs via chat, leaving the questions to the chat instead of video call allows for a less disruptive class. Your Chefs will help you to improve your knife technique, help you to choose the best equipment from your kitchen to use, tell you why you're doing what you're doing, inform you why you're using what ingredients you're using, help to troubleshoot if cooking adjustments need to be made, share with you how you can use the same techniques and cooking tricks you have learned & how to apply them for other recipes, share with you some kitchen hacks & tricks we have learned over the years in restaurant kitchens & so much more.
Your Chefs are your kitchen crutch.
At the end of class, you will have a perfectly completed dish and will be a more confident home cook.

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