Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pronounce Fēst?

Fēst is the phonetic spelling of the word 'feast'.  

When did you start as a business, during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Contrary to popular belief, we started way before COVID-19 was a thing!  We launched officially in August 2019 to allow home cooks to learn from the comfort of their own kitchen, using the equipment they already have, in a private video call with a Chef guiding them through a recipe successfully!  You can read more about our starting story & our Founder here!


Am I watching the chef do a cooking demo or am I cooking?

You're doing the cooking!  This way, you can get your hands dirty and learn new recipes and tricks in your own kitchen. 


Your chef will guide you through the entire cooking or baking process.  Because chef is on video, he/she can see exactly what you're doing and help you to improve your knife skills, adjust the heat, troubleshoot & provide reasoning to you.


Are the classes private?

Absolutely!  All of our classes (except our monthly Sunday Brunch Club class) are private - only you and your loved ones will be connected with your instructor in class.

Why are some classes different prices?

Our classes range in price due to the class time.  The shorter the class, the lower the class price.

Do I call the chef on video?

No, in your original class confirmation email, there is a Zoom link - you will use this for your class.  If you have reserved a group class connecting your friends and family in multiple locations, please share the Zoom link with them by forwarding your class confirmation email.

Are ingredients available to order for delivery for my class?

We do not offer ingredients delivered for our classes, with one exception: we have a monthly Sunday Brunch Club class that does include ingredients delivered.  If you're interested in taking our Sunday Brunch Club class, go here and look for 'Sunday Brunch Club' under Cooking Classes.

Can I have a couple people join me in my kitchen for the class?

Of course!  We suggest to limit all of our cooking classes to 3-4 active cooks per device, including yourself.  This way, you can get a little support with some cooking tasks but not be overwhelmed or distracted with too many people during class.

For our wine tasting classes, we encourage you to limit your crowd to 5 people or less per device. 


Group Classes:

Are the group classes private?

Absolutely!  All of our classes (except our monthly Sunday Brunch Club class) are private - only you and your loved ones will be connected with your instructor in class.  After you book your class, you will receive an email with a Zoom link + link to download your class file, please share all of this information with your group so they can join you in class.

My group class is very long in time, how many recipes can I choose for my class to fill up the time?

While the time may seem like forever, you'll find your time in your private group class will evaporate!  We only recommend to select one menu featured on our site for your class.  Adding on with too many recipes may create a rushed and stressful class for you and your group.

How do I book a group class?

If you would like to take a group class with your friends + family in other locations, book a 'Private Group Class'.  The group size is the number of devices, or locations, your group will be to connect to your instructor.  You can select any menu featured here for your group class.

What is the cost for a group class?

The prices listed for our group classes are per class, not per person.



Custom Classes:

If I don't see a recipe I want to learn, can I request it?

Absolutely!  Book a 'Build Your Own' class and include all of the specifics of your custom class at checkout and we will prepare a class proposal for your review.  Once we have your proposal approval, we will send you the shopping list.  To book a Build Your Own class, go here and head to the Build Your Own Class tab to find the right class for you.




Who are the instructors?

Wildly creative & talented bakers, pastry makers, chefs & sommeliers from around the world.  On average, our teachers have 20+ years of experience in the culinary and wine industries.  Get to know our chefs and sommeliers here.

Can I communicate with my Chef instructor directly?

We have a team of culinarians to communicate with our guests and Chefs separately, this way our Chefs can focus on teaching classes without getting buried with emails!  If you have a question about your booked class, reach out to us at

Can I tip my teacher?

Please do!  Our chefs and sommeliers are highly trained professionals who have worked hard to create our classes.  In today's culinary space, chefs and sommeliers receive a typically hard to live off of salary and work a grueling 12+ hours a day.  Our business allows our chef and sommelier partners to work remotely and creatively while supplementing their income by doing something they excel at and have a deep passion for.  You can leave a tip for your instructor here.

Rescheduling Policy:

What is the reschedule policy?

To reschedule a class, send an email at 24 or more hours before your scheduled class time. All classes are final sale, no refunds will be issued if the class needs to be cancelled. 


Gift Cards:

Can I buy a class as a gift?

Well, aren't you a good gifter.  Of course!  Buy a gift card here.  Gift cards can be used on any of our cooking, baking, wine tasting or mixology classes.  After you purchase your gift card, you will receive 2 emails: the first from PayPal which will be your receipt for purchase and the second email from our Customer Success team.  In the second email a PDF will be included for you to share electronically or print your gift for your recipient.  Gift cards are valid 6 months from the date of purchase.  Refunds and coupon code cannot be applied to the purchase of any gift card.

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