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Thanksgiving Dinner
is the phonetic spelling of feast; a rich meal typically in celebration of something.
Mulled Wine with Fruit

"We thoroughly enjoyed our group class with our Chef instructor! We were working from 3 different kitchens, in two different countries with a variety of appliances and ingredients and our Chef guided us with ease and patience. He was insightful and shared his knowledge with us to make us all feel like we could tackle dinner parties with more confidence. We will be repeating all the recipes in the weeks to come!"

"What an amazing experience! COVID or not, connecting with friends while doing something we love was so special and made for an awesome evening. Our chef, was AMAZING and patient with all us and gave us some amazing tips and tricks. We can’t wait for our next class!"

Rethinking Home Cooking

By connecting you with a professional chef while you're cooking, you're able to learn how to properly cook in your home kitchen, receive professional-level tips, tricks and feedback, ask questions, and easily learn how to adapt the menu to the ingredients of your preference and equipment you have on hand.

Meal Subscription Boxes

  • You are limited to choose from 10-20 different recipes to cook at home, usually you cannot select specific recipes to be included, but rather provided the menus the company has pre-selected.

  • There is a significant amount of waste and environmental pollution from subscriptions boxes - from the air shipment, to the excessive cooling and insulated packaging to ensure the ingredients arrive fresh, to the plastic bags separating every ingredient, to the ingredients that may arrive spoiled.  Not to mention any ingredient the customer does not like and therefore does not use.

  • The recipes developed for these subscription programs are elementary to ensure an easy and quick cook time for the customer.  Simple cooking methods and pre-cut ingredients offer an experience with little to no skill acquired.

In-Person Cooking Classes

  • Can be expensive.

  • Available only at cooking stores, restaurants, etc.

  • Only specific class topics available, no customization available.

  • Limited one-on-one time with instructor, due to class time constraint and amount of students.

  • Always have a class capacity limit.

  • Often will reach capacity limit, creating a crowded classroom.

  • Will be held in a professional-grade kitchen with an endless amount of tools and equipment, not allowing the cooks to understand how they can make the same menu using the tools and equipment they already have at home.

Cookbooks & Video Tutorials

  • Instructions are written or recorded, and always edited, offering no interaction with a home cook to answer questions or provide help.

  • Can offer a platform for customers to submit a question, but the answer is what you get - there is no conversation between chef and customer, the question may have been misunderstood by the chef or sparked additional questions from the viewer as follow-up.  Additionally, there may be too many questions submitted that not all of them will be answered.

  • Challenging recipes are available in books and videos, but may not inspire a home cook to accept the challenge because he/she will need to figure it out alone.

Calling Mom

for Help

  • She isn't always available.

  • She may disagree, but she doesn't always have the right answer.

  • Likely has not spent decades working in professional kitchens or attended culinary school.

We are your virtual resource to help you become a great home cook.
Let's get started...

First, choose the class you'd like to take.

All of our classes are live video, guided, interactive, private, one-on-one, & adaptable to all cooking levels.  If you'd like to take a class with your friends & family in separate locations, book a group class.

In your class confirmation email, you will receive a Zoom link for your video class & a link to download your class menu.

Get your ingredients ready for class.  For a more relaxed class, you can prep and measure your ingredients before your class starts (this is not required).  Use your Zoom link to meet your Chef or Sommelier and enjoy your class!


Founded in 2019, we exist to bridge the gap between professional chefs and home cooks.  We have a true passion for helping our customers cook with confidence and empower culinary experts to share their knowledge and express their creativity.  Creativity, curiosity, passion, and empowerment are at the heart of our business.

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