Chef Brian

New York, New York

Chef Brian grew up in a small North New Jersey Town, early on in his life he was influenced by what the love of food can be capable of, bringing people together and making joyous moments even more memorable. All of his earliest memories were surrounded by food and has shaped what turned into a career that has spanned over 23 years in some of the most respected food cities in North America. From his time at Boulevard Restaurant with Nancy Oaks in San Francisco, to Delmonico Steak House at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, down to New Orleans at iconic French quarter restaurant Nola owned by Emeril Legasse and finally in New York City where he opened up Hudson Yards Grill with Chef Michael Lomonaco. He has a love affair with creating meals that help reflect on life’s moments and cooking dishes that feed your soul.


When Brian is not in a professional kitchen, you can find him cooking at home for his family and creating memories with his wife, daughter, and two dogs.