Cook-Along Experience + Dessert + Wine Pairing

Experience Timing

2 hours

Experience Cost:

$35 per person, BYO ingredients + wine

$326 per person, ingredients + wine delivered

Ingredient Kit Information:

Ingredient Kits:

Ingredient kits are for 2 people and include all of the ingredients needed to prepare your selected menu, with the exception for salt and pepper.

Prices are inclusive of delivery & taxes. Ingredient kits are delivered 1-5 days before an event via Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh or Instacart.

Wine Kits:

Wine kit includes 1 bottle of wine selected by our Sommelier, all guests will receive the same wine.

Wine is shipped via FedEx or UPS and required adult 21+ signature for delivery.

We can ship wine to all 48 contiguous US states.

Prices are inclusive of delivery & taxes. Wine shipping not included, costs typically vary from $20-60+ per kit.

Wine is delivered 1-5 days before an event.

What to Look Forward to in This Experience:

• Your team is connected to one chef + one Sommelier for a 2-hour live video call.

• Hosted on Zoom (or if you have a specific video app your company prefers, we are flexible).

• Custom menu for your group, based on provided dietary and allergen substitutions. Most of our experience menus are adaptable to all diets and allergies.

• One chef does a cooking demo of the entire menu, from prep to finishing. The demo chef will have 2 cameras on him/her - one facing her, the other facing her work station for a better view. The demo chef will visually and verbally guide your group through pulling the right equipment out, prepping ingredients, until everything is complete and will offer plating recommendations.

• A Sommelier guides your group for a wine pairing that compliments the meal. This add on would make the total class time 2 hours. The wine pairing is integrated into the two hour cooking class, as dishes are being prepared and finished, the Sommelier will share a little bit about the wine, why it pairs nicely with the meal & what to look for when tasting and pairing the specific meal and wine. This Sommelier will also admit all guests into the Zoom call, mute guests throughout class to eliminate distracting background sounds, keep cooking/baking times, check-in with the group if we need to slow the demo down, answers any participant Qs submitted via chat.

• Your participants are muted for cooking demo section, so everyone can hear the demo chef, everyone can come off mute when the cooking is complete. Depending on your group size and how comfortable your guests are in class, guests can certainly come aloud into class to ask a question to the chefs.

• Our chefs love to cook with our guests on video, if your guests are comfortable with leaving their cameras on throughout class.