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We had so much fun this weekend during the cooking class.  Super fun for a group, very well run, the chefs were outstanding – and the food was yummy.  Thanks so much for making this available for our team. We had a wonderful time.

- Caroline

Columbia, SC

I took the Chicken Lo Mein class. It was great. Chef James taught me some basic knife skills and took me through step by step in making a fantastic dish. He definitely was a good instructor and knew his craft. Will definitely take another class.

- Benjamin

Chicago, IL

Chef Pedro had a personal, intimate knowledge of the dish, himself having grown up in Miami where the dish was a regular part of his family dining life.  He offered different ways to modify the dish, depending on what ingredients we have on hand or available to us.  The result was delicious.  He gave a lot of feedback during the dish preparation (e.g., if ingredients needed to be cut larger or smaller, and why).  He also explained the interesting use of fried plantain rounds as a base for the ceviche; the result was a perfect finger food for a party aperitivo or a weeknight snack.

- Barbara

Bridgeville, DE

I am not really a great cook, but I have always been willing to learn how to be better. When by chance I found Fest online, I got immediately curious. At first, it was not clear to me what it was about, but then after a brief reading I realized that I would have been video-live-connected to a chef who would have instructed me on how making whatever I wanted. To make it short, I choose the Zucchini pasta, because simple enough for a first class. I loved it. The chef really opened my mind on how to eat and cook zucchini in a way that I had never considered before. Now, looking forward to learn something more complicated, maybe together with my girlfriend, since they allow to have more than one person present at once. Cool to try. Maybe my new weekly hobby :)

- Will

Charlotte, NC

My wife and I had a really fun experience with Som Ed. We recently returned from a trip to Spain and wanted a broader understanding of Spanish wines. Our first class was on white wines, and the second on reds. Som Ed was both educational and entertaining. He brings his vast knowledge together in a relatable way and made the time together fly by. We were particularly impressed that he remembered many of the items we discussed during the first class - and he picked up those points to continue the conversation in the second class. We are looking forward to our next class on Fest!

- Dave

Asheville, NC

Wow - what a fun, unique and compelling way to spend an hour!  I was so excited to hear about Fest, I’ve never heard of anything like it.  My friends and I enjoy wine, thought this might be a great way to learn more.  I signed up for the old world/new world wine class and my friend and I loved it!!  Our Sommelier was super knowledgeable, engaging and just fun to spend time with.  We could have happily spent our entire evening with our Sommelier.

- Sarah

Santa Barbara, CA

Customer Reviews


The dish Chef helped us prepare was delicious, and she also gave us options for freezing the uneaten portions for later.  She liked the brands of pantry items we had purchased for the session, especially the tomatoes which she thought were a good choice.  She often asked for a closer look as we prepared the dish, giving compliments on our preparations.

- Gigi

New York, NY

Enjoyed the sommelier's presentation.  It was interesting to learn the recommended way to open a bottle of bubbly.  Also appreciated her recommendations for champagne and prosecco pairings and champagne/prosecco cocktails.

- Laurence

Eugene, OR

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