Meet Our Instructors

Chef Peter Turso

Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from Spring Lake, New Jersey.

Chef Peter draws on the wisdom of 20 years of professional experience to formulate his culinary expressions and opinions in the modern day. He is a Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Spending most of his life in the Northeast, his career has taken him from high volume boutique hotels, high tech food science labs, to several fine dining establishments where elaborate 11 course tasting menus were a commonplace. He believes in the inseparable synergy of the local farm circuit and hyper seasonal cuisine. His cooking, at times, can be analytical and technical, but he also balances concepts with art, color and soul.

Sommelier Julieta Acevedo Correa

Sommelier and Mixologist Instructor

Teaching virtually from Seattle, Washington.

Originally from Argentina, Julieta started in the service industry 10 years ago and, while attending winemaking school, discovered her true calling in sommellerie. She achieved the Head Sommelier position at the Mendoza Park Hyatt in the heart of the Argentine wine industry, where she directed multiple award-winning wine programs. She has also worked as a Sommelier in the acclaimed Azafrán Restaurant, and has collaborated in the opening of winery restaurants and wine bars in Mendoza, where she worked with some of the most influential winemakers in the country.

Chef Tanya Baker

Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from Chicago, Illinois.

Raised in the far southeast side of Chicago, Chef Tanya was exposed to a myriad of different cultures, and with that came some pretty incredible food experiences. On top of that, her own Korean and Cajun heritage provided a vast foundation of cuisine to indulge in and explore. With food playing such an integral part of her life, Chef Tanya knew at an early age that she wanted to pursue a career as a chef.

Chef Lei Shishak

Pastry Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from Lake Forest, California.

Pastry Chef Lei is the author of numerous cookbooks including Beach House Dinners, Beach House Brunch, Beach House Baking, and Farm-to-Table Desserts. Lei is the founder of Sugar Blossom Bake Shop in San Clemente, California. She is one of Southern California’s most respected bakers, having been honored as the Orange County Pastry Chef of the Year in 2011 by Riviera Magazine.

Chef Abigail Rubin

Pastry Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from New York City, New York.

Pastry Chef Abigail has been working in the New York City restaurant scene for over a decade. After graduating from The Culinary Institute of America, she honed her skills at such establishments as Marea, Gramercy Tavern, and Union Square Events. She then became the Pastry Chef at The Dutch, creating seasonal American desserts with a creative twist.

Chef Sherry Swanson

Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from Stratford, Connecticut.

Chef Sherry is a Private Chef and Culinary Instructor from Connecticut. She enjoys sharing food and cooking techniques with her students and has taught classes for more than 15 years. She believes that food brings people together and each meal is an opportunity to create a special memory with the people we care about.

Chef Peggy Aoki

Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from Mountain View, California.

Chef Peggy loves travel, culture and meeting new people. She also works as a sustainability and education project manager for a large corporate food company, helping chefs find ways to reduce food waste and understand sustainable food practices.

Chef Adrianna Holiat

Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from New York City, New York.

Chef Adrianna is a Private Chef based in Greenwich Village, New York City with 15+ years of professional cooking experience. Her straightforward cooking style compounds on a whole foods approach with a vast knowledge of the many health benefits that food can offer us. Adrianna loves to support and educate clients to create simple and flavorful food by teaching easy, sustainable kitchen skills and ingredient swaps to level up their cooking game.

Chef Ryan Josef-Maier

Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from Eugene, Oregon.

Chef Ryan trained at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Having cooked in & managed kitchens of many kinds over the past 20 years, his true love is teaching. Ryan has been a Chef Instructor in community kitchens, school cooking programs, and culinary job training programs for over 11 years.

Chef Garrison Price

Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from Birmingham, Michigan.

Chef Garrison is the executive chef of Madame at the newly opened Daxton Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan. Previously, Garrison was the executive chef at Il Florista in New York City, where the seasonal menu focuses on Mediterranean flavors highlighting flowers and botanicals in their many edible and beautiful forms. At Il Fiorista, Garrison worked directly with local and regional farmers to source ingredients and honor the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability.

Chef Camorrow Jones

Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from Dallas, Texas.

A native of Little Rock, Arkansas, Chef Camorrow Jones began her culinary career immediately after high school. Chef Jones received her Associates in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute of Dallas and Bachelors in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson and Wales University.

Chef Elon Wagoner

Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from Fort Mill, South Carolina.

As a Professionally Trained Chef and Educator for 25 years, Chef Elon has had the pleasure of teaching at a variety of brick-and-mortar cooking schools in Seattle, from kids culinary camps to adult classes.

Chef Denise Spooner

Pastry Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from Lincoln Park, New Jersey.

Pastry Chef Denise started her culinary career at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. She completed her studies by graduating with an Associates degree in Baking and Pastry Arts and a Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management, while also minoring in Contemporary Pastry, Beverage Management and Psychology. While in Providence, she also worked in various small bakeries and kitchens during her studies.

It was 8:00pm and I was just getting started on making dinner.  Earlier that evening, I had decided that I would try making my first galette.  A goat cheese, potato & leek galette.  There are endless resources online for a recipe and technique tips, and bonus, I had just recently acquired a cookbook that praised how simple galettes were to make.  Quoting from that book (which is my favorite cookbook regardless of how this story ends), "my essential, beginner-friendly dough".  This is absolutely something I want to take on for tonight's dinner, I effortlessly thought.

The dough making was beginner-friendly, got to give it to the author.  It came together just as the author said it would, a little scraggly but nothing to worry.  Dough is chilling, mies en place is placed, now to assemble.  From the reference cookbook, a quick mention of "a more polished look, transfer the dough to a 10-inch removable bottom tart pan".  I'm polished, I thought.  I butter the pan and rest my scraggly dough in.  Wow, this is so beginner-friendly, no wonder everyone is talking about them this summer.  Pop the cheese, potatoes, leeks onto the dough, fold the edges over for that perfect *galette gram photo*, and into the oven.  No less than 5 minutes later, the oven is smoking and I have an upset smoke detector and howling chihuahua.  The butter leaked from the cracks of the removable pie pan onto the oven coil.  I asked myself if I thought it would be wise to switch the oven off.  I was reluctant to turn off the oven because it's now 8:45pm and I have no back up plan.  Now, if you're a professional chef or baker, at this point you're thinking that only full blown idiots would put a pie pan in the oven without a baking sheet underneath it.  Well, I am not a professional chef.  I am simply a woman reading and doing what was in a cookbook that I adore.  So, here I am, with a raw galette.  Raw dough, raw potatoes.  I shimmied the dough out of the pie pan and into a cast iron pan, turned the burner on and covered the pan with foil.  Foil, because, raw potatoes and 8:55pm.  I need to cook this thing.  I have no idea how long it "cooked" for, but at some point, I called it.  Dinner was served.

Typically, my family sweetly congratulates me for what I made for dinner.  The night of the potato leek galette, I got a "it's amazing how you can both burn and undercook the same thing."  We all laughed and I haven't dared to make another galette since.


Brit Obenauer
CEO and Founder

I knew that I couldn't possibly be the only home cook out there that felt so encouraged to try a new recipe and then quickly was so discouraged during cook time by surprises that popped up. This is where Fēst comes in. Fēst leverages the knowledge, skill, talent and cooking instinct of professional chefs in real-time video cooking classes for home cooks. All of our cooking and baking classes begin with an introduction to the recipe, and the chef will instruct the home cook to pull out all of the ingredients and equipment needed for the recipe. Then, chef will give a high level run down of the recipe steps. Because, surprises aren't always fun. Then, while the home cook is cutting, chopping, measuring, heating, cooking, baking, mixing, chef will be watching, giving guidance and feedback, and helping to troubleshoot until the dish is finished and plated. All cooking crises averted.​ Wish I had a Fēst chef on video the night of my now famous galette.

Orange Juice

We're a woman-owned small business founded in 2019, proudly based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Fēst, pronounced 'feast', is a collective of Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Sommeliers who teach guided, interactive and completely customizable classes to cooking-curious people of all skill levels around the world.
We exist to bridge the gap between professional chefs and home cooks. We have a true passion for helping our customers cook with confidence and empower true culinary experts to share their knowledge and intuition. Creativity, curiosity, passion and empowerment are at the heart of Fēst.