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Brit Obenauer

CEO and Founder

Working virtually from Charleston, South Carolina.

I knew that I couldn't possibly be the only home cook out there that felt so encouraged to try a new recipe and then quickly was so discouraged during cook time by surprises that popped up. This is where Fēst comes in. Fēst leverages the knowledge, skill, talent and cooking instinct of professional chefs in real-time video cooking classes for home cooks. All of our cooking and baking classes begin with an introduction to the recipe, and the chef will instruct the home cook to pull out all of the ingredients and equipment needed for the recipe. Then, chef will give a high level run down of the recipe steps. Because, surprises aren't always fun. Then, while the home cook is cutting, chopping, measuring, heating, cooking, baking, mixing, chef will be watching, giving guidance and feedback, and helping to troubleshoot until the dish is finished and plated. All cooking crises averted.​

Brit is a graduate of High Point University and studied architecture at The New School in New York City and Student Art Centers International in Florence, Italy. She has worked in the design and development offices of Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, Coach, and Pop & Suki. Most notably, Brit designed a patent-pending handbag “The Takeout Bag”. Perhaps a foreshadowing to her future in the culinary space.

Brit Obenauer