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Chef Elon Wagoner

Chef Instructor

Teaching virtually from Fort Mill, South Carolina.

As a Professionally Trained Chef and Educator for 25 years, Chef Elon has had the pleasure of teaching at a variety of brick-and-mortar cooking schools in Seattle, from kids culinary camps to adult classes.

The kitchen is Elon’s playground. After enrolling and completing culinary school in his teen years, he journeyed across America between restaurant cities like San Francisco to ski resorts in Utah and Idaho to explore the different cuisines of the US. Elon event spent time in Alaska and worked aboard a commercial salmon fishing boat. There, he was tasked to cook freshly caught fish for the crew.

Elon enjoys giving back to his community by developing thoughtful recipes for Alzheimer patients at the local hospital, supporting local and small eateries and hosting dinners for children in the foster system.

Chef Elon Wagoner
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